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Signed First Run Edition for Sale

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Limited Quantities Available But You Can Buy one or more signed first run editions here

The official launch of this one of a kind reusable shopping bag is coming soon. Sign up here to be notified when we launch.

Sure to become your favorite reusable shopping bag and the last weekly reusable shopping bag you will need to purchase for years to come

Cashiers I have introduced it to say “its the nicest reusable I have ever seen. Where did you get it” or my personal favorite “I wish everyone used these”?

Made in the U.S.A. of 100% Organic Cotton that traveled from Texas to North Carolina to be spun into yarn, then on to California to be woven into canvas and assembled into the one of a kind Eco Thank-You reusable bag.

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Eco Thank You Update

A groundbreaking reusable shopping bag that can truly replace the plastic bag, and if used exclusively by a majority of shoppers reduce the need for retailers to provide plastic bags that end up in landfills and clutter up the environment.  Why the Eco Thank You? It is easier, than currently available tote style reusable bags, for you or the cashier or bagger at your local grocery or big box retailer to set up, fill grab and go, reducing the bad vibes you may get from other shoppers for using reusable bags at checkout.

This is not my only gig so if I’m getting a slow but steady start with marketing my product its because I have to allocate my time between God, family, full time job, studies and the launch of the Eco Thank You.

I found a manufacturer that would and did manufacture a small batch (500 bags) for me. They have shipped and are now available for sale.

The Eco Thank You reusable shopping bag starts with a sturdy cotton khaki material to withstand multiple washings and trips to the store, side gussets expand for ample capacity and designed for easy loading and removal from the standard local grocery’s bagging station or big box retailer’s carousel sized and functioning like the standard plastic bag.

Trying to come up with a price, so I ask , what would the above described bag and benefits be worth to you?

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Eco Thank-You Progress Report

Took a sabbatical from blogging. Working on my dream project and other obligations. I am finally ready to send off a request for a sample to a manufacturer and have them make two sample bags and work up a production quote for a 3-500 bag initial run. Editing video for crowd funding campaign hope to have it up and going by the holidays. Have some funding secured and may be enough to get started if the production quote I get is in line with what I think it will be and I can source my fabric of choice for a price per yard that will keep total costs in line with what I’d like to retail these for. So Very Exiting! Stay tuned!!!!

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A little more background on the project, the idea for this reusable bag resulted from my being enrolled in a Masters Sustainability Leadership program late 2012 and casting about for a capstone project. I’m excited to report that things are moving forward.My reusable bag now has a name, the initial designs and sketches are completed, a prototype is in progress and a provisional patent application is on file.

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Being environmentally friendly is the right thing to do but it is not always easy or popular.

If you have ever felt that by using reusable shopping bags you are inconveniencing shoppers behind you in line and the cashier or bagger,  you are not alone. Standing in line with your reusable shopping bags in hand with a cart load of items, if you are like me you can just feel the love. See the look of frustration on the cashier’s face and feel the resentment and restlessness of other shoppers in line behind you, irritated at the added time they know it will take to fill reusable shopping bags in lieu of the neatly arranged easily filled plastic bags on the bagging station or carousel.

Coming to the market soon a revolutionary sturdy, washable, economical and reusable shopping bag that if used not only can help to reduce plastic waste, it is easily accommodated on standard bagging stations reducing inconvenience at check-out.