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Eco Thank You Top Ten # 1

#1Eco Thank You Reusable Shopping Bag

Its a one of a kind reusable shopping bag that you will love to remember to bring with you.

The complements you will get when you use the Eco Thank You shopping bags will make you want to remember to bring them in with you every time you shop; and these bags can be washed and reused for many years to come so you will also feel good about reducing waste and plastic bags in the environment.

Made of 100% organic cotton canvas twill. Each super sturdy bag has generous side gussets that expand to hold the same amount or more items than the standard plastic bag. Purchase one less than the number of plastic bags you would normally bring home with your weekly shopping and you will have what you need to say “no to plastic” every time you do your weekly shopping.

Limited quantities available so get yours NOW at the year end close out price of $3.99 each plus shipping. Click Here

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GingerB is a U.S. Air Force veteran, wife, mother & grandmother, with degrees in Business and Political Science. Has also pursued studies in Tropical Ecosystems and graduate studies in Sustainability Leadership and North American History. GingerB is passionate about reducing waste, by using and promoting reusable solutions.

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