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Saturday Morning Coffee

Enjoying the beautiful weather in NW Ohio today and thinking about some of the ways that green activist seek to impose their solutions on others.

Personally, I do not subscribe to the option they seem to want to employ at every turn or what I call the “better living through legislation” approach to sustainability. Legislation brings about compliance but generally only when someone is watching which leads to the need for more watchers, (higher taxes and more bureaucrats) looking over everyone’s shoulders and most of us, myself especially, do not enjoy having or even need to have our lives micro-managed by others.

For sustainability or any other solution to become a way of life it must be about more than just compliance. Ideas and solutions that redirect from a consume and dispose to a reduce and reuse orientation is a better long term approach to creating and preserving a clean healthy environment.

Have a great Saturday!


GingerB is a U.S. Air Force veteran, wife, mother & grandmother, with degrees in Business and Political Science. Has also pursued studies in Tropical Ecosystems and graduate studies in Sustainability Leadership and North American History. GingerB is passionate about reducing waste, by using and promoting reusable solutions.

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