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The Rest of the Eco Thank You bag Story

If you are onboard with being eco-friendly then you know that it generally involves extra effort, like sorting your trash, and it can make you unpopular. For example, if like me, in the story below, you have ever felt that your reusable grocery bags were making you unpopular by holding up shoppers behind you in line and/or inconveniencing the cashier or bagger that has to wrangle them to load them with your purchases, you are not alone.

I was standing in line at the grocery store with a handful of multiple sizes shapes and designs of reusable bags and a cart load of groceries. (If you have ever watched a cashier or bagger wrangle one of these to load it with groceries and other purchases you will understand why a better designed reusable bag is needed to encourage people to use them.) This day was no different, while waiting my turn I glimpsed the predictable look of oh nooooo….. on the cashier’s face, directed at me and felt the restlessness of other shoppers in line behind me. I knew they were all thinking of and resenting me for the additional time it would take to load my items in the reusable shopping bags instead of the neatly arranged easily filled plastic bags on the carousel.

Current reusable bag solutions are a great idea with multiple options; none that work as efficiently for moving customers and their purchases out the door as does the plastic bag. As more areas come to grips with shrinking landfill space the plastic bag will of necessity need to go the way of the dinosaur. Yes there are versions of the plastic bag that are biodegradable but they still create waste that has to go somewhere while it biodegrades.

The Eco-Thank You reusable bag is about being part of the solution. I have designed a product that will  overcome objections and reduce resistance to reusable shopping bags.

The awesome thing about the Eco-Thank-You reusable, is that multiple bags can be loaded on to your retailer’s bagging stand or carousel, filled and removed quickly. It is designed to fit over the arms, open for easy loading with side gussets for expansion and with a quick release rear securing loop that allows it to be quickly removed once filled like the standard plastic t-shirt style bag.

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GingerB is a U.S. Air Force veteran, wife, mother & grandmother, with degrees in Business and Political Science. Has also pursued studies in Tropical Ecosystems and graduate studies in Sustainability Leadership and North American History. GingerB is passionate about reducing waste, by using and promoting reusable solutions.

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