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Being environmentally friendly is the right thing to do but it is not always easy or popular.

If you have ever felt that by using reusable shopping bags you are inconveniencing shoppers behind you in line and the cashier or bagger,  you are not alone. Standing in line with your reusable shopping bags in hand with a cart load of items, if you are like me you can just feel the love. See the look of frustration on the cashier’s face and feel the resentment and restlessness of other shoppers in line behind you, irritated at the added time they know it will take to fill reusable shopping bags in lieu of the neatly arranged easily filled plastic bags on the bagging station or carousel.

Coming to the market soon a revolutionary sturdy, washable, economical and reusable shopping bag that if used not only can help to reduce plastic waste, it is easily accommodated on standard bagging stations reducing inconvenience at check-out.